Our Approach

Investment Approach

Housatonic excels at helping you navigate the journey of scaling your business. We can provide equity commitments of $10 to 50 million for growth, minority recapitalization, and buyout transactions.

We are typically active board members that work with management teams on key objectives. Regardless of whether we are minority investors or majority owners, we are focused on being excellent long-term strategic partners. We do not involve ourselves in the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies.

How We Work with Business Builders →

Business Characteristics

We invest in businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Internal revenue growth
  • Recurring Revenues
  • High EBITDA margins
  • Moderate capital intensity
  • Talented management teams


Long Window

Our primary focus is to invest capital for long-term appreciation. Accordingly, we are patient long-term investors who understand that it takes time to build significant companies of lasting value to employees, customers, and shareholders. In every transaction, we seek to forge career-long relationships with our portfolio company managers.