At Housatonic Partners, we know that building long-term relationships with excellent people is the key to building successful companies. We enjoy working with the business builders that we support with our capital and experience. Over the years, we’ve worked to create a culture and framework where CEOs and entrepreneurs feel valued as individuals and treated fairly as business partners.

Relationship Centered

The Housatonic team is comprised of more than just investors; we are colleagues, mentors, and partners for your journey. We seek to provide consistent support and steady guidance through the various seasons of an investment, through good times and the occasional tough spot. This even-keeled approach is why many of our CEOs choose to partner with us multiple times as repeat CEOs and/or investors.

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“Working with Housatonic is a great experience. They really provide a kind of partnership atmosphere, one where I felt – and still feel – very comfortable sharing with them the issues and challenges that I’m dealing with. And they often help to come up with unique solutions to these problems.”


“There is a significantly longer-term investment horizon at Housatonic than elsewhere. There’s a commitment to the people, namely the CEO and the management team, that I don’t think is widespread.”


Long Term Perspective

Since making our first investment in 1994, we’ve been committed to patiently building value over the long-term. We invest in companies and in business builders that we are excited to support for an extended time frame, and as such we work hard to prioritize long-term relationships over near-term transactions. We work hard not to impose artificial or arbitrary timelines that don’t make sense for our companies and our partners.


What does it mean for a firm to be a trusted partner? It means being a partner that will act with integrity, especially in the difficult moments. It means being honest with feedback and advice, especially at moments when being direct can be uncomfortable. And it means being reliable in terms of following through and keeping promises. While we often invest in new and disruptive categories, we believe in conducting business with old-fashioned values and ethics.

“I think what characterizes the partners of Housatonic for me is their high integrity. They’re smart, they’re analytical, and they’re strategic. As partners looking at new investments or as board members, they bring more to the party than just the cash to get a deal done.”