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Dennis Barnedt Case Study →

In October 2016, Housatonic partnered with repeat Housatonic CEO Dennis Barnedt and acquired the legacy Australian operations of Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM), an enterprise information management services company.

Brian Williams Case Study →

In September 2017, Housatonic backed Brian Williams in acquiring in FIMC, a leading provider of auto club memberships which provide consumers with roadside assistance and other related consumer protections.

Dave Engert Case Study →

In 2017, Housatonic brought Dave Engert, an experienced industry CEO, in to run Housatonic’s existing investment in ONRAD. Based in Riverside, California, ONRAD is a leading teleradiology company, offering remote read capabilities to hospitals, radiology groups, and imaging centers. With all of its doctors on US soil, ONRAD focuses on delivering outsourced “final” interpretations, a rapidly growing area within teleradiology.

Katy Keim Case Study →

In 2017, Housatonic and founders, Andrew Coleman and Glenn Houck, hired Katy Keim as the CEO of LQ Digital, LLC, an internet marketing services provider offering digital agency, lead generation, qualification and transfer services to clients across a number of industries. By improving the quality of online traffic, screening and transferring live leads to sales reps, the company helps customers generate higher ROI from their digital marketing initiatives.

Andrew Cousin Case Study →

In December 2012, Housatonic backed Andrew Cousin in the acquisition of Circle Graphics, the leading provider of large-format digital printing for the outdoor advertising industry. Based in Longmont, Colorado, the company serves the out-of-home advertising industry as well as the custom photograph printing market.