Andrew Cousin

Circle Graphics

In December 2012, Housatonic backed Andrew Cousin in the acquisition of Circle Graphics, the leading provider of large-format digital printing for the outdoor advertising industry. In 2015, Housatonic back Andrew and Circle Graphic in the acquisition of the Art Division of Café Press Inc. to expand the company into the custom photograph printing market. In 2019, the company was sold to a financial buyer.

Circle Graphics is the largest provider of large-format digital printing for the U.S. outdoor advertising industry. The company serves billboard companies, advertising agencies, and direct buyers of outdoor advertising. The company also produces customized wrapped canvas digital prints for display in a home or office. The wrapped canvas prints are sold through photo retailers, professional photographers, mass market portrait studios, and home décor retailers.

CEO: Andrew Cousin
Year Invested: 2012
Headquarters: Longmont, CO